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    Hypnotherapy training

    Hypnotherapy training

    The Hypnotherapy elements cover traditional suggestion therapy along with Stress management relaxation techniques, inductions, deepeners practical NLP and much more.

  • Retreats - Scotland and France

    Retreats - Scotland and France

    Retreats - Scotland and France

    Outstanding scenery and inspired John Muir, the acknowledged father of the american national park system.

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Hypnotherapy, NLP and Life Coaching training in Scotland

Accredited residential or non-residential training in our Dunbar Centre, near Edinburgh, on the stunning East Lothian coast

New fast track dates


Intensive 2 week course




Intensive 2 week course

SUNDAY 12 March TO SUNDAY 26 March


Why train in a stuffy hotel room or risk distance learning which is mostly unaccredited when you could relax and learn in our residential Dunbar training centre to a high level of accreditation with an established school that will give you everything you need to be a skilled hypnotherapist.

Training by modular fast track units

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About us


Best Coaching and Training was started by Robin Oxley in 1980, initially offering training in this residential format in the Lake District and with other non residential courses in London, Glasgow, Liverpool and Edinburgh.

There are many successful 'BEST therapists' who have completed the modular courses throughout the UK and in several overseas loctaions.


Robin Oxley


Robin Oxley is a qualified Behavioural Psychologist who has over 30 years experience as a Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Robin uses his skills as a therapist and life coach to encourage the client to act on the hypnotherapy suggestions that are used. His former students will often refer challenging cases to him for depth psychology.

B.A.Hons (Psychology)          Dip.AHT (Hypnotherapy)
Dip.Management Studies       Reiki Master
Dip LCH (Life Coach)             M.R.C. (Reflexology)




Our training  approach


There are many training schools and you must chose the one that is right for you.

To really understand how hypnotherapy works you have to be relaxed and work in a setting conducive to learning at the intuitive level.

Garden Hot tub Ted by Fire

Ours is not a mechanical, script based approach but rather a journey of self discovery, both for students enrolled on the course and for their clients in turn.

We apply a theme of Jungian psychology which sees each person as a sum of personality parts, some visible and some locked in the subconscious waiting for the light of insight to allow psychological integration. This can be a life altering experience even if the presenting problem is a simple habit.

However the habit brain has a tendency to revert to past learned behaviours and so we use life coaching and hypno-mindfulness to continue the process of focussing on future goals and maintaining a habit of living in the present rather than wishul thinking or regrets.

The personal changes students experence on the course are often equal to the therapy tools they acquire.

Full accreditation with the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council(GHSc), the Hypnotherapy Association and the Complementary & Natural Heathcare Council CNHC) is available on completion of the 3 training modules along with a logged amount of home based practice including  research and case studies.

The total hours are 120 face to face (the 3 modules) and 330 hours of home based practice, total 450 hours.


We  offer fast track training with all the modules concurrent and home study then follows on.

The days are spllt in to mornings for theory and video demonstartions with afternoons covering live demonstrations and experiental learning. 

Hypnotherapy is learned as an art and not as a science. we are not rying to create academics but rather creative therapists that have mastered the basic techniques and can demonstarte the ability to provide empathetic and compassionate sessions for clients.


The content of the modules


Module 1 covers traditional suggestion therapy along with Stress management, relaxation techniques, simple inductions and deepeners, ensuring that the student can work with clients straight away.

Modules 2 & 3 cover the elegant Ericksonian methods along with many more inductions, timeline systems and deeper Practical NLP reframing methods. Hypno-healing, pain control and regression techniques are demonstrated.

To ensure that changes are incorporated in clients’ lives we also cover Life Coaching  and Hypno-mindfulness  to maintain momentum.



Hypnotherapy & Stress Management

  • Stress reduction systems
  • Physiology of stress
  • 6 stages of a hypnotic session
  • Hypnosis explained / demonstrated
  • Hypnotic inductions
  • Deep visualisation techniques
  • Habit control suggestions
  • Smoking / weight / anxiety


diploma Advanced Hypnotherapy

  • Indirect Hypnosis
  • Advanced inductions
  • Story telling / metaphor
  • Time line therapy / regression
  • Past life regression
  • Hypnoanalysis/hypnohealing
  • Ericksonian techniques
  • Deeper level inductions
  • Reality / rep. systems
  • The subconscious and neurology
  •  Presuppositions of NLP
  •  Submodality change / anchoring
  •  Logical levels / changing beliefs
  •  Rapport / sensory acuity
  •  6 step reframing
  •  Well formed outcomes

diploma Master Practitioner

  • Advanced smoking cessation including powerful group techniques
  • Emotional Freedom Technique - ‘tapping’ as a complementary therapy
  • Advanced eating and lifestyle issues including group techniques
  • Gastric band hypnotherapy for rapid change
  • Life Coaching